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Anonymous sent: What would makeup sex be like with Xiumin?

its hard to believe that anyone could fight with xiumin, but its bound to happen at some point. when it does, i think he’d be the first to apologize and he’d want to work out whatever discrepancy there is verbally and not physically at first.  once you two are done talking it out, he’d take your face in his hands and kiss you softly at first—xiumin doesn’t want to make it seem like he’s doing this to distract you or avoid the topic. eventually you two would be doing and not thinking, so he’d carry you to the bedroom and lay you gently down on the bed and pleasure you. the sex would be passionate yet gentle because the thought of losing you over some silly fight would scare minseok so much.  it would be romantic, special, and maybe a little teary.

Anonymous sent: What would Luhan do if you (being normally really down-to-earth and ungirly) ran out of the shower in nothing but a towel because you saw a spider and it freaked you out? (I have been holding on to this question for so long ps i love you guys)

well first he’d be a little concerned and confused as to why you’re freaking out. when he notices that you’re still in a towel he’d get really embarrassed and would probably look away and insist that you go back in the bathroom—not because he doesn’t enjoy the view, but because he’s trying to be gentlemanly and control himself. after basically pushing you into the bathroom and shutting the door, he would probably be left with a raging hard on and nothing to do about it. he might ask through the door if you’re still scared and if he can come in, because there are some other things he’d be hoping to take care of at that point.

Anonymous sent: Would Sehun feel comfortable going out in public or being seen by members if he's got hickeys on his neck from you and his rough passionate time the night before?? :3

sehun would probably be pretty embarrassed!! i don’t think he would exactly be going around showing off his hickeys even though he enjoyed them so much. it might be kinda cute to watch if someone notices and says something and then his face would turn bright red and he’d slap his hand to his neck trying to cover it up, although everyone has already seen it.

Anonymous sent: What would jealous, territorial/possessive, and like dominant sex be like with chanyeol? The kinker the better.

chanyeol can get pretty jealous if you’re flirting or being flirted with, and afterwards he wouldn’t be afraid to show you how much it made him angry. the sex would be rough, to say the least. there would be a lot of hair pulling, biting, and scratching on both of your parts and he would love for you to struggle a little bit to spur him on. as long as it was okay with you chanyeol would be as rough as he could and the next morning you’d both be bruised and sore, but of course he would be as cuddly as ever, only insisting that you only have eyes for him.


Anonymous sent: how would kai act to you giving him a private lap dance? where he can and can't touch you

read right here!! (◕‿◕✿)

Anonymous sent: Omfg you're back! :D How would "you're mine and no one else's" sex go with Kris after a group of guys tried hitting on you earlier in the day?

you can read about that in full detail right here!!!

Anonymous sent: How would Kai react if you had been looking at *toys* online and had a few items in your basket?

well first of all he would blush furiously because thinking of you looking at toys would drive him insane. secondly, he’d place the order and when the toys got there he would hide them from you until things got heated between you two. seeing the shock and possible embarrassment on your face when he pulls out the toys would be super satisfying for kai. he wouldn’t forget to tell you how hot it was to him that you were looking online for ways to make things between you two even hotter.


Anonymous sent: How would Kris react if he came home one day and saw his teenage daughter making out with her boyfriend on the couch? Let's say the boyfriend was trying to take her pants off too.

o h m y g o d kris would absolutely lose it. he wouldn’t even be thinking as he ran up to the couch and basically tore the guy off of her and on to the ground. he’d pick him up by the shirt collar and yell at him until the boyfriend would basically be crying, telling him never to touch his daughter again unless he wanted to have few certain body parts missing. when the boy finally scurried out of the room he’d probably tell his daughter never to let a boy touch her ever again unless she’s married, because kris is psycho and protective like that especially towards his little princess (◡‿◡✿)

Anonymous sent: "exo-m oral sex style? giving and recieving" ok, ok, if I have to pick just one it'll have to be Kris

giving has been answered! 

kris might get a little rough while he’s receiving (as long as you’re okay with it), grabbing your hair, tugging on it, face fucking, all that good stuff. he’d be really noisy and he’d groan until you just couldn’t handle it anymore. i think kris is a fair lover, though, and i don’t think he’d want to finish in your mouth. he’d much rather pull you up and lay you out and fuck you to finish, making things better for the both of you.

ricekrispees sent: I haven't been on here in a while... I missed this blog so much. How would it feel when kris goes down on u?