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yaseiiyo said: WE LOVE YOU ;A; omfg i wish u didnt have to leave but good luck with everything.

we luv u too!!!! 845848954 smoochies from us

as u all can probably tell , me n coitus dont really run this blog anymore so its pretty much over!!! we had a lot of fun

if u guys go to college at msu or r going to b1a4 in chicago, hit us up!!!!!!

thanks for everything

Anonymous sent: What's the kinkiest thing Lay would do in bed? Details please! Thanks :)

lays not the hugest kink man there is but he could get a little creative and frisky here and there. I think he could be really into lingerie and seeing you dressed up for him, but he could also be even more into dressing up for you in lingerie and begging you to tell him how much of a good boy he is. honestly if there’s anything that isn’t vanilla that yixing is into it would be being submissive for you and pleasing you. he would go as far as to tie himself up for you and ask you to put on some leather or something because that would truly get him hot and bothered.

Anonymous sent: What kind of dirty talk would ChenChen be into? Details please, you're imagination is suprior to mine and I'm lonely as fuck, so :/

WoW basically the dirtiest stuff you could imagine!!!!¡ like so dirty I don’t even want to type it here!!!!¡¿! basically chen could have you panting and incapacitated by desire just with that sinful voice of his!!! he would tell you how bad of a girl you’ve been and how he needed to punish you!!! and then how wet and needy you were for him!! and then he would stand in front of you while you were lust-filled on the bed and stroke his cock and ask how much you wanted him!!! and good golly gosh would you want him!!! and when he was fucking you he would tell you how good of a girl you were and how his little princess was so wet for daddy and how proud he was of you!!! basically you would pass out because it would be so wonderfully dirty and arousing!!!

Anonymous sent: what would romantic sex with sehun be like?

well romance isn’t quite sehuns forte, so he’d put a lot of effort into making the sex as romantic as possible and as far from the norm as he could. this means he’d plan the whole evening—insisting on dressing up and going out for a nice dinner, bringing you flowers, and lighting candles when you two would get back to his place. sehun would try his absolute hardest to drag out foreplay and worship your body while he breathed little compliments against your skin—how soft you were, how pretty you looked, and how much he lusted after you. anything that he thought would help you specifically get in the mood he planned for. when you two actually got around to having sex it would be slow and beautiful with his hands moving all over you and stroking your skin so that you trembled in his grasp. it would be surprisingly satisfying because of the emotional aspect and after you were finished he would hold you against his chest and murmur words of affection into your hair.

Anonymous sent: How would Chen react to you waking him up with a blowjob?

basically all of chens dreams would come true that morning but since chen seems to be a sleepy fellow he wouldn’t wake up right away, instead tangling his fingers lazily in your hair and moaning your name in his sleep. he probably wouldn’t know what was hitting him, why he was feeling so good, until he got close to orgasm and began to rouse. desire would spike thru him when he’d see you between his legs and his hands would tighten in your hair and tug and he would come down your throat with a blissful, sleepy sigh. afterwards he would be determined to fight off the wave of post orgasm drowsiness to satisfy you as well. i think it would be a nice morning for you both.

Anonymous sent: You have a crush on D.O and you think he doesn't like you back so you start to avoid him all the time, how would he react?

kyungsoo is a friendly guy and i think he would be a little off put if you started to avoid him out of the blue. he might seek you out a little but more as compared to before, like inviting you to lunch or offering to walk you home. chances are he has a thing for you back and it just took the small chase to make him realize it.

Anonymous sent: idk if this counts as a one-member question, but who in exo do you think is the most likely to be the possessive-spanking-say my name type lover?

omfgg kris and suho for sure.. Both of them have a bit of possession kink and i think they both love to spank their little princess when they feel she needs it. kris especially would love to hear his girl scream his name and he would torment her and make her say over and over that she was his and they were the only person for each other. suho would be a little bit more subtle and instead deny her orgasm until she admitted that he was the only one would could make her feel good.. When she did he would continue fucking her hard to solidify what she earlier said *______*

Anonymous sent: "please describe daddy kink sex with kris i need it in my life thank u" with Kai please??

kai would be a lot softer and gentle than kris but he’d be a lot more cruel?? like kris is the one who bruises and digs his nails in and scratches but kai gets off on the mentality of it?? like hed get pleasure in watching his girl beg and cry and sob because he wont give her what she wants. he likes to have control and order and to set rules — he wants to call her princess and baby and kitten and boss her around, tell her that she can’t whine, she has to ask daddy nicely.. kai likes to really, really, really take his time. he likes to reward his little girl and kiss the inside of her thighs for so long that shes biting her knuckles and sink his fingers into the soft skin of her hips and tell her how lucky daddy is to have such a good girl, an obedient girl, and to lay back and let daddy do all the work. and he fucks slowly, carefully, hard — he doesnt want to rush things, he wants to take the time to see her folded in half and muttering daddy with her eyes glazed over and Yeah

Bye Friends   this is how  i Leave the earth

Anonymous sent: Selcaaaaaaaaaa! :D


we were on our way 2 see bap in this pic it was remarkable we almost mugged daehyun for his sweet jacket